Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Flash forward

Tonight I am beginning an intensive course in Flash. All the moving flashing bling of websites and interactive applications will become something I will be able to do myself, in theory. The real goal is to know what can be done and direct others to do it for me. The class is a fine perk of my job.

My whole adult life I have designed print and web pages that mostly stayed still. Didn't attempt to be a director with the video camera. Didn't hanker to make cartoons. But there is some part of me that would like to know how much movement and extras are delightful, and where it becomes annoying. I know many movie and game sites are fantastic, artists create beguiling online environments, and this is the future. Even if Flash gets replaced by something called "Pow" or "Zoom" it is still the way things are going. And I'm getting on board.

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