Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy news for the acting life

My daughter Natalie drove to Boston today and was one of a thousand people to audition for summerstock and theater acting intern programs through the NETC (The New England Theatre Conference). With a two minute limit, at 2:30, she performed a monologue from the 10 minute play, Quiet Torrential Sound, and Shakespeare's sonnet 65 (When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes) to a room full of producers and artistic directors. She was delighted that they laughed when she wanted laughs, sighed when she wanted sighs. She just called to say that out of 13 possible programs she got 10 call backs. Whoa.

The call backs kept her running the entire afternoon and early evening. Some prestigious and some fun sounding theater groups interviewed her and urged her to take the next step and apply to their programs. She soon decided to not tell any of the fellow applicants just how many call backs she got, people were saying "Oh I'm lucky, I have one call back," or "I have two!" She went to each, answered questions about her experiences, hobbies, personality, and aspirations, and felt lucky, hopeful, and is realizing there will most likely be something to come after she graduates in May.

She is now driving back to Stony Brook for a rehearsal of Sailor Song, by John Patrick Shanley, the play she is directing. Go Natalie.

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