Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reading with live jazz, pure fun

It was a thrill to have my poems responded to with live jazz improvisation. Brian Groder on trumpet, Lisle Ellis on acoustic bass, I was backed up by some of the best in the business. (In fact Ellis is on his way to play with Tony Davis, from me to Davis, too cool). They really listen, respond, in smart creative sound. I loved what they did to my raunchy poem about making love to a balloon. Ellis made these great squeaky ballonish sounds on the bass, it was all I could do to keep reading and not burst out laughing. That was fun, will have to do it again.
Thanks also to my fellow readers, Chris Cunningham and Sue Melot.


Joseph Hayes said...

Very cool, Claudia, I'm quite pleased that worked out so well!

Natters said...

you rock, ma.

Caitlin Allen said...

I wish I could have been there! Jazz and poetry...why isn't this done more often?