Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In the swing of Beijing

Well, not yet. But just got the internet guy at the hotel to fix my access so I can do more internet than only checking my email. Yay! Now, except for some sites that are unavailable, I can do web searches for maps, weather, what bongo drums looked like in the 60s, spelling and etymologies, not to mention things to do!

This city is modern and timeless side by side but the modern seems to be winning. My first two days have been rather jet lagged...I watched rehearsals of Jim's musical (and I could easily spend the entire month enjoying their creative process) but at some point I need to pull away and define my relationship to this extraordinary city and myself as a creative at whim. Jim is busy, I am now going to explore on my own...the temple of heaven and hall of abstinence are only 2 subway stops away.

What do I want to write? So much freedom. Yikes. And yet I am without language in this city. Odd.

I have some freelance work, thanks to Flash Rosenberg, and have done more thinking about the novel I want to write, thanks to a lovely lunch with Delia... maybe this city will infuse me, shift what I want to write about. I am open to the muse, please do feel free to visit me here on the other side of the world.

The Song Lie Hotel is behind the blue and purple strips. Our view is in thin inches.
Along the ring roads, many skyscrapers...CCTV tower on right.
Cabs are green and orange.

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