Friday, September 10, 2010

My Dragon painting now on view at Jefferson Market Library

I am part of a group show

Dragons and Magic

An exhibition at the Jefferson Market Library
Greenwich Village, NYC
425 Ave. of the Americas (10th St.)
Sept. 7, 2010 - Oct. 29, 2010

Illustrations based on the classic children's books
The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Graham and
The Magic City by E. Nesbitt

I am in the show because my friend Flash Rosenberg printed out my digital drawing in her studio and put it in a frame and my daughter Natalie delivered it to the library on the very day she moved to Queens! I owe them both a huge hug of thanks. I, of course, did not finish the art before we left for China, so I spent the first week of rehearsals (for my husband's musical that was translated into Mandarin) in Beijing painting the bongo playing beat dragon (on my laptop using wacom tablet with digital pen in photoshop) while various actors and creative team watched me with bemused interest during their breaks. Not sure if any of the Chinese actors understood what the art was for, but they liked seeing it emerge. This interpretation is based on Graham's novel, The Reluctant Dragon. Like a precursor to Ferdinand The Bull, the dragon doesn't want to fight knights, including Sir George, preferring to read, write, and recite poetry. So I thought why not make him a beat poet dragon? The title is "Bongo Beat." I look forward to seeing the artshow at the Library, one of my favorite looking libraries in New York, a 19th century turret rising over Greenwich Village.

UPDATE! Great news, an agent contacted me after seeing this art and asked if I was working on a children's picture book. Yes I am, I told her. Several actually. Wow. Hopefully this will lead to something. See, doing the show, which involved no money, just a leap of effort--and I do love dragons--has lead to the delight of possibilities.

Decided against the close-ups of bongo playing. Jim suggested adding tail.


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I have a delicate, discrete, discriminant taste, and this impressed me. That's a huge compliment. I hope your connection lead to success!