Friday, November 26, 2010

Why spend? Black Friday becomes Pencil Sketchday.

We're kinda broke and don't need any more things in the apartment at the moment (other than the digital camera I yearn for...but that can wait until it goes down in price or my ships sail in with full cargoes of cash). So here is Black Friday and Jim, Caitlin and I went to sketch folks at the local Starbucks while Natalie worked out at her gym in Queens.

I discovered the line for the bathroom offered quick sketch opportunities of people tense and expressive in posture. I tried to not make eye contact since that was when people figured out I was drawing woman tried to catch my eye and I managed to evade her! Then I heard her talking, it was an old friend Charlotte, who I hadn't spoken to in years. Hah!

So thanks to the models, mostly anonymous, and to the three of us indulging our inner artist. Natalie joined us glowing with health. Spending Black Friday in the gym puts her in the halo of workout ethic.

Yes, having a lovely holiday.

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Deborah Atherton said...

Maybe you should start a whole Web site of just Starbucks sketches! Bet they'd sponsor it and keep you at least in free coffee and internet. Very cool sketches!