Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Back with pencil and tree

The long silence? A new day job. The sort that takes rather a lot of time to learn, it's a new field, a new culture... But my lunch hours have been another sort of learning...I go to a small park and feel the wind & sun on my skin, watch the birds, water in a reflecting pool, and two rather droopy trees... I will have a chapbook of poems out of my lunches. Plan to sketch the scene as well. So this is good. And I still draw every day on the way to and from work. Have introduced color pencils. You can see me start to figure out what I want to do with color in the sketches below with 4 colors: black, red, blue, yellow and ochre. The stops go by so fast. A little yellow on a lip, a lid, a hat, oh yes, in my subway the light may not be flattering exactly but it is bold.

Drawn as Jim watches TV...

Using yellow, red, blue and black inktense pencils.

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elof said...

Great sketches. I loved the passengers asleep with eyes closed blotting out reality while being carried to tgheir destinatgions.