Saturday, June 29, 2013

Cover me!

I'm finishing my book Pocket Park and getting files ready to go to the printer. The inside is done, the library of congress data arrived and I put it in its slot on the copyright page, I've made final corrections, and it will soon fly out of here on it's electrons.

But now—the cover. Do I have the best photo for it?

The one I picked is rather dark, suggesting the poems are likewise, and mostly, they aren't. But I'm afraid of using something too bland, too meh. So tell me, which ones look best?
Note, A is the current cover.











Summer Haiku

Trees discuss the heat,
lack of soil, they sigh and creak
in their rough girdles.

The US Open in the Pocket

The ball pocks
from serve to racket
heads swivel
following the play
on the outdoor
mega-wall display

the pixelated ball
is the irregular beat
of a collective heart

sparrows hop
close and closer
to unguarded bounty
as Forest Hills
thrills New York county.


Joseph Hayes said...

I probably like J the best, and for some reason F with the giant man is appealing, I'd really like some variant on D actually showing 4 seasons. As I write a lot for travel guides I'm very familiar with Fodors and Eyewitness covers, and most of these remind me too much of a guide to the best pocket parks.

Deboo said...

A, D, or F, and all the rest definitely no. I agree that the giant man is somehow appealing, and the split-screen is complex, which is a good connotation for poetry, and the first one is just lovely.