Thursday, August 1, 2013

My first article on making fantasy maps is published!!!

I just received my copies of The Portolan, journal of the Washington map society. In 2011 I gave a talk in the map room of the library of congress to the society. The editor of the journal, Tom Sander, asked me to turn it into an article, with some of the images that had been in my PowerPoint slideshow. Since I'd sort of gone off script in the talk, my nervousness just miraculously evaporated as I spoke, I recreated the jist and added more to explain what I've learned over the years of making literary invented worlds become visible. I also looked at how changes in technology shaped how I worked. Not to mention fitting a universe in a tiny poorly printed paperback page. I got a bit more personal than the journal was expecting, but hopefully, their readers will enjoy hearing, again, about the joys, and sometime failures, of this particular craft.

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Mike said...

Hi Claudia, I very much enjoyed reading about your journey through the art of map making. Your work is very nice.

Please take a look at my website: and see that we have had similar paths. I've never gotten into the computer side of maps, mine are still hand-painted and lettered by hand.

Mike said...

Hi Claudia, I very much enjoyed the article and your work is very nice. I've been doing hand painted and hand-lettered maps for over 40 years myself. You might be interested in seeing my work at: