Saturday, April 26, 2014

More inking fun on 1 train commute

I love drawing with my Japanese ink brush pen. I do a quick pencil sketch and expand it with wet ink line. I realized, it was a flash really, that I don't have to anxiously keep bobbing my head around to keep one person in view to do a portrait. Or gently nudge someone so I can see past them! As people move on and off the subway, or get obscured, I simply look for someone a bit like them at nearly the same angle and keep drawing. I had people on the left and right of me watching eagerly as I discovered this and they too were swiveling around to see who would model an ear or mouth or jacket. So now I've invented the composite portrait. Ta da!


Deborah Atherton said...

These are great! I love the idea of composite portraits--there's a show in that!

Deborah Atherton said...

Love these, and the idea of composite portraits--there's definitely a show in this!

A. Daubigny said...

Claudia you are getting better and better! Your portraits are superb, and the quality of your line and ink work--so impressive. Its amazing to watch your progress over time. It's also great that you keep challenging yourself with new mediums--including modeling clay! I look forward to seeing more and hope you are doing well otherwise!