Sunday, September 21, 2008

The freelance life for me

It has now been one week since I last sat in an office and had to wear nice clothes to work. My cat and dog are delighted. The dog now sits by my foot at 3 pm because she knows this is when I'll take her out for a walk. Which is a brilliant way to deal with the afternoon doldrums, just follow dog, past windows and trees in the park, and pick up poop. The cat is gradually learning that piles of paper that I'm gazing at are not to be used for sleep or play.

I tried freelancing many years ago when the kids were little. Unlike the cat and dog they did not choose to sleep most of the day. I was torn between their needs and my deadlines. It didn't work out. I went back to an office job and hired childcare.

This time I'm ready and life is in alignment. The kids are now women attending college. I have more design tricks in my bag. Also Google is here, it's free, and it's good. I have set up a calendar, this blog, and plan to use their services to help me keep organized. Best of all, Jim is helping me to organize too.

I also recognize humans (me) are pack animals. I get that small talk and existing together in one room somehow soothes the lone beast. I plan to spend an hour a day at a local Starbucks with my laptop and do my writing (poetry, picture books, novel). I have invented the term "passive socialization" to describe the buzz you get just sitting near others who are also concentrating. I bet the term is already out there and I just nabbed it from the ether.

I really love working with my hands...of course my hands are connected to a keyboard, digital tablet and digital pen. It feels good to be back doing work I love best, designing.


Joseph Reed Hayes said...

Good luck to you, and all of us.

Anonymous said...

We miss you at the office.