Saturday, September 27, 2008

Silly brain and the creative process

Jim and I sit around and pretty regularly congratulate each other on possessing brains that have plenty of alternate route signs posted. If it weren't for all the road blocks, we'd never have become so adept at finding local lanes that offer unexpected visions. Some people might think it inconvenient to forget where you parked your to do list, or be incapable of following directions, but we have come to see it as an advantage.

Well, not always such an advantage. We don't have a swanky lifestyle. Jim isn't Emperor of Wall Street, I didn't become a CEO or investment banker... Hey, wait a sec, bunch of those folks will soon be out of work. They lost their jobs due to someone taking the quickest route to Greedyville. I quit my job so I could go slow. Slow myself into doing creative work. Work that requires me to deliver surprises.

So if you hear me say garlic when I meant ginger, or I get that misty look in my eyes that has nothing to do with needing to clean my lenses, you'll know I'm cogitating through the creative zone.

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Joseph Reed Hayes said...

And doing it better than most*