Monday, March 10, 2008

The cost of awards

Tomorrow I go to the opening for the New York Book Show. Since the design I helped create for the journal Alimentum won entry to the show, I'm a winner. Sadly it costs $75 to walk in the door, nibble the canep├ęs, and ogle the other book designs. Even for a winner. Maybe especially for the winners. One of my friends says "don't go if you have to pay, this sounds like a scam." Actually, I am sure it is not a scam. I was there last year, thanks to my old bosses. I will get a lovely catalog, with my design in it, I'll see many people I know... and I'll hope to win prizes in the future that cost a bit less to enjoy.


Evan Morgan Williams said...

Canapes? I'm there!

Claudia Carlson said...

Hey! My publishers at Alimentum have offered to pay my fare to the book show. All ends well. I had a great time.