Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Poets' Grimm has an agent!

Jeannie and I met with our agent to talk about finding a new home for our anthology of fairy tale poems The Poets' Grimm. After a great start at Story Line Press (a small prestigious literary press) the publisher went kaput. Teachers had used it in creative writing classes, fans of fairy tales read it, poetry lovers read it, and all of them begged us for copies through the website for the book. This helps explain why Amazon is offering used copies for $140.00 to $199.00

This weekend we are invited by Bill Williams to see a play based on poems in the book. It's called Grimm and Grimmer and is playing at Trinity School in Manhattan. Three nights only. Thursday at 7:00 and Friday and Saturday at 8:00. Bill is the person who told us used copies are selling so high.


L said...

I know this is an old post, but thought it worth asking: Is there any chance Poets' Grimm will be re-printed with a new publisher? I am desperate to own a copy, but like many, cannot afford the expensive used prices ($60 and upwards). This post made me wonder if there had been new developments with Poets' Grimm. Thanks!


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