Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The curse of...Tattoo Diabetes

OK that isn't what the TV ad actually said but that's what I heard...so what would that be, if it were a real disease?

Woman walks up to a receptionist in a doctor's office and hands in her form.
Nurse: I'm sorry you forgot to fill all of this in, what are your symptoms?
Patient: [whispering] These roses I had tatted on my butt, I'm having an allergic reaction.
Nurse: You need to describe it.
Patient: Can't you smell it? [voice gets louder] I can't stand the smell.
Nurse: [sniffing] I thought that was your perfume.
Patient: Every pore and more is passing attar of roses, you have to help me. I can't take the sweet stink. It's destroying my life, my husband is wearing garlic, people move away from me in elevators, my dog sneezes as soon as I get home!
Nurse: OK, take a seat next to that man with the Pepé Le Pew tattoo.

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