Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Three Astro Spouses and me

Post launch Micki Pettit was celebrating and relaxing on the balcony of her ocean view hotel room, with her close friends, who came for cheer and support, from left: Lisa Fuglesang, Micki, Mandy Sellers and me. Don was well into in orbit as we popped the champagne. Did I mention they were all funny and great to visit with? Micki was relieved when Don got to his destination safely. Among other things, Don is installing a second toilet on the space station. From high to low, keeping people working in orbit takes a huge effort.

Micki is a really good singer and is in a band, Bandella, with two astronauts. For his NASA morning wake-up song, Don was serenaded by his wife. Hear here on days 7 and 12.

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