Saturday, December 13, 2008

When antibiotics are a freelancer's best friend

After a week of low fever, sinus infection, coughing, snoring, aches, gravel voice, zombie brain, etc. I finally called the doctor and got a prescription. Various well-meaning friends advised against taking the antibiotics, they said it is probably a virus and if I take the meds I'll be directly increasing humanity's risk of developing drug-resistant super-bugs. Beware. Bewise.

My friend Deborah scoffed, "this is bacterial, take the drugs, it worked for me." Since I think I may have caught this from her at our last writer's workshop, she should know. And she did.

24 hours ago I took the first pill. My nose is clear, I'm no longer coughing, and I don't need to sleep 18 hours a day. Wow. It works. Yes, the meds make me a bit pale and aren't friendly to the bacteria farm known as my guts, but for the first time in a week, the main thing between my ears isn't a sneeze. What will I fill my head with now?

The winter issue of Alimentum arrived, looking very nice and holidayish. I plan to read it. Setting & designing the journal only gives me an introductory whiff of narrative. Now I get the full meal.

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