Tuesday, December 23, 2008

wish list for 2008

For all of you muses looking to give me a last minute gift, here it is, my wish list!

In no particular order I would like:

1. more time in the day, especially for seeing friends.
2. a heaping sack of self discipline.
3. a laurel wreath, like the singing bass, that I can place on my brow and it will belt out "you were a finalist, even if you didn't win, in the Pushcart Prize."
4. a green and orange parrot, but not before my cat departs for the afterlife.
5. a stay at Yaddo or any of the other writer's retreats.
6. an osmotic transformation whereby I wake up knowing how to write in form and rhyme and this doesn't come at the expense of my immortal soul or require me to avoid sunlight because I no longer cast a shadow.
7. a vacation in Nice.
8. a chance to chew and taste all the great meals I see on the cooking channel.
9. the benefits of exercise without having to actually do it.
10. renewed faith in the U.S. government. Oh yeah, peace on earth and a balanced budget.


Deborah Atherton said...

Well, at the risk of sounding like somebody's mother (although I am, of course, somebody's mother) it seems to me that applying to Yaddo and a few other art colonies might help enable 1 and 2, 5, and possibly even 6.

And who knows, somebody there may give you a parrot. Artists are peculiar people, they might well have extra parrots hanging about!

Although - would your dog like parrots?

Things to contemplate in the New Year.

Caitlin Allen said...

Can I borrow some of the self discipline? I'll give it back when I'm done.