Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When even evil squirrels want to watch me work

Do you envy the life of a freelancer? If I told you I often work on the couch, in my jammies, with the cat on my left, dog on my right, and laptop claiming the lap, would you sigh and say, hey that's the life for me? Apparently you wouldn't be the only one to feel this way. Today I looked up and found I had an audience of a squirrel who was pawing the window and looking in with longing. It tapped the glass and gave it's best Disneyesque head tilt and tail curl. Tap tap. Scrape. Paw sliding slowly down to sill. But I am no fool. First of all, it is unbelievably boring to watch me work. I sit and sniff and scowl at the laptop for hours, only my fingers moving. It puts the pets to sleep. It puts husband to sleep. Secondly, what sane prey animal wants to attract the attention of a CAT and a DOG? Both pets gathered at the window and made their species appropriate noises. It didn't back away. Clearly this winsome thing was rabid or worse, possessed. I will assume the latter. Given the things I've been hearing on the news it wouldn't surprise me to find demon rodents are marching across the nation and infecting people with the urge to offer fat-cat bail-outs and for-sale-senate seats. I wasn't fooled by the winks. All the crazy hell spawn rodents can cha-cha on my fire escape all they want. I kept the window shut. None of that for me. I'm safe, for now.


Chris Cunningham said...

I'll pass on the squirrel, but I have to admit your description of "work" sounds pretty nice. Hope all is well--Chris

Semajio said...

Working in jammies is only a little bit better than sleeping in your jacket and tie. Both mean 80 hour weeks.

The squirrel may be evil, but he's not nuts.