Sunday, January 25, 2009

Auditions, tuitions, headshots and preparation

Natalie gave us a sneak preview of her audition monologues. She is one of 1,200 students trying out for places in 42 theater MFA programs tomorrow. I took another head shot for her today.

In 4 minutes she did two roles, Kari from The Pavilion and Julia from Two Gentleman of Verona. Characters that lived 400 years apart, one nostalgic and bitter, the other jealous but fair. She was great, a full range of feelings from soft desire to loud despair, the perfect gestures, and above all clarity in expressing the narrative--so that her excerpt suggests the whole. Verve and intelligence and passion. And if nobody on the other side of the audition table can tell how good she is, they are fools. It helps that she has leadership experience, is artistic director of the black box theater, and decidedly easy on the eyes. So says me and Jim.

Natalie took our applause, curled up in one of the green armchairs, and asked Jim, "if I auditioned for you, would you call me back?"
"Oh yes, you would certainly get a call back. That was very very good."

She is typing up her resume to staple to the backs of the photos.

I am pleased that 4 years of college have prepared her well. She thanked her teachers Deb and Val for teaching her so much. Money, time, and effort well spent. Now fingers crossed.

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