Friday, January 9, 2009

What do you say when...

the play a friend of a friend wrote put you to sleep three times as you counted down to the final curtain and you will meet the playwright after the show?

someone asks you for a reference and you wonder how much you can build upon on the fact that they showed up 5 days a week and kept breathing the entire time?

your dog evacuates on the welcome mat outside the neighbor's door as they are coming home?

a relative is drinking themselves to idiocy and early death and everyone but you appears to be in silent denial?

people you genuinely like ask if you are ready to be saved?

the brilliant poem that came to you at 4 a.m.--you wrote it down on the back of a shopping list in the dark--but in the daylight it is less compelling reading than the other side of the paper.

you realize your good intentions had unexpected consequences?

your father turns out to be right, all too many big business bosses are crooks.

everyone you know loves a book and you think it is vapid tied with a trendy bow?

you realize that you are as foolish as most other people.

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