Saturday, January 24, 2009

You know you're out of shape when... decide to take a yoga class and there isn't a single pair of sweatpants, loose pants, floppy shorts, or exercise pants in your entire closet and the only clothing store in the neighborhood wants 32 bucks for a single pair of badly made designer sweats in awful color not meant for mature hips. feel and HEAR your knees grinding when climbing up any flight of stairs. carry 18 pounds of laptop, extension cords, job files, and camera in two shoulder bags for a day and it was a major workout.

...your agile daughter goads you into a yoga class and mentions there is a "gentle yoga" session that you think, "ah, just my speed," and she says with a smirk, "must be the blue-hair special." dream about running, jumping, bouncing, and other things you did when younger and wake up and realize you are certainly capable of doing them all again, if a tad slower, and the only thing stopping you is well documented laziness that mid-life won't let you get away with.

...even sucking in gut to stare at self in mirror isn't enough. But, with a shrug you walk away muttering "time happens." realize that you don't care nearly as much about how you look as how you feel and the energy you can bring to each day so exercising is no longer vanity but sanity.

...making the commitment to fitness is a weird new thing that you never thought you would have to do.

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