Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog dissing

I know the pre-Obama decade is going to be known as the fatuous age of relentless self-promotion. People are blogging in ever increasing numbers... and like most things masses do, much of it is not worth reading. I understand some bloggers shamelessly reveal personal details, whine, and otherwise drag friends, foes, and family through e-mud.

But, dear reader, I am getting sick of saying nothing when people ask me if I am writing anything lately and I mention I've been keeping up with my blog and they respond:

"Oh. Blogs. I hate them. It is disgusting how many people do it. Expose themselves. Like reality shows, I keep away from that infection, thank you very much!"

This is followed by a glare that attempts to reduce me to smoldering ash.

In the past I have shrugged and said, "it's not all bad." If they hadn't already turned away, I might mention I wasn't writing or talking trash in my blog. Or that blogs are like opinion columns, you find the ones you relish.

But I am no longer gonna take it so mildly. I think of all the times people have told me they are working on projects I initially consider boring, silly, demented, or dangerous, but good manners impel me to ask questions and discover that through their fascination I was given a gift of seeing something freshly, with enthusiasm (who knew building and racing your own motorcycles was so much fun!). Why would anyone respond to my assertion that I am doing something that interests me with their avowal that it must be an utter waste of my time and theirs? My take on life isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but after 42 years of filling journals and sketchbooks, I pack some skills.

Recently my father told a relative I was blogging and it got the usual dismissive response--with me sitting right there. "Oh, but you should read it" Dad said, "it is really good writing, I enjoy reading it." Granted, this is my father, and he was proud of my first scribbles, but all the same, it felt good to have the support. So from here on out, when anyone says "I hate blogs," or the more usual "I hate poetry," I am going to say, "How rude! I just told you it is something I enjoy doing." Or as I get more zen about it "eh, your loss."

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