Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photography jaunt

My friend Michael and I went after work to take photos together. He and I recently shared our sob stories about how we annoy friends and family by walking along, convulsively pulling out a camera, gazing through it with a demented squint, then with mincing steps leaning this way and that, muttering things like "I wish I had another lens," climb up or squat, snap the shot, and finally return to awareness that we've left Others uncomfortably waiting. We discovered it is not at all annoying be with someone else who is also behaving this way. We wandered up to Bryant Park where we discovered Canada had magically produced a skating rink and maybe also caused an inflatable two story vodka bar to sprout behind the New York Public Library. I was a bit confused, Canada and Russia are both cold, but why would that conflate a martini with a Zamboni? Never mind, it was a great place to crouch, mince, scrunch through snow, and wish we had tripods.

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