Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bumble & bumble and hair tumbles...

My friend Flash has treated me to a new concept of self through a haircut at the trendy, delightful, multi-floor loft/salon of Bumble & bumble on far west 13th street in Manhattan. Before meeting Andrew, Flash and I drank gratis fizzy bottled water while overlooking the Hudson River and most of Manhattan's skyline in their airy boutique/cafe. I had grown out my hair and it was a fuzzy topiary. Having had no time to get home and change into my (one) chic casual outfit, I arrived in salt stained tee shirt and jeans, straight from the beach. I also had my recent self inflicted dye job, which I'd left on a tad too long, turning my brown with gray to black. This I regretted, but c'est la vie.
Pre-haircut portrait by Flash Rosenberg
Andrew's Bumble & bumble haircut, photo by Flash Rosenberg.

"Andrew, Claudia is a cool, mischievous, fun artist--poet, please give her a haircut to match. Right now she has a Long Island matron helmet do, this must change." Flash placed some images she had pulled from the web on the counter. Andrew glanced and nodded. Short, asymmetric, wispy bangs, but with some loft to the top in a spiky way.

"Yes, that's what I had in mind as soon as I saw her!" he said to Flash. His own short curly hair gave me confidence, it was natural, appealing. Not to mention Flash's own fantastic look: dramatic, feminine, quirky and in harmony with her features.

He cut my damp curls with a razor and half moons of black fell to the polished concrete floor. My head felt lighter and lighter, a balloon on a string.

Then I put on my glasses saw it was very short and different than any cut I've ever had. Andrew showed me how to tousle it with their magic cream and pull up artful bedroom hair tufts. I now had an Annette Benning style short do. And the hair fit my funky French glasses. Now all I need to do is find some fun, off-kilter, artsy used clothing! I think I will go with daughters to the nearby thrift stores, for the same price as shopping at Target, I can find things that feel in harmony with me, not just with my budget.

Next we celebrated with a half carafe of wine and a plate of sardines at nearby Pastis (self-described as a French bistro located in Manhattan's meatpacking district). We sat outdoors in the shade of the building and watched most of trendy young New York wobble by on the cobblestones. Best people watching spot in the city!

How wonderful. Here's to kind and kindred spirits, here's to my friend Flash. With love and thanks for this new do. And the thing to do with generosity is...pass it on.

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