Thursday, July 29, 2010

Shameless plug for Divorce Bard's Blog

A friend of mine, who must remain nameless, has started a blog where he writes one rhymed poem a day. His self-inflicted rules: must be iambic, must be true rhyme.  Like Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray Love, he is writing through the pain of his life post-divorce. Add to that he is also a father with a very touchy ex... He is becoming a more accomplished writer from the daily practice. Today's offering is particularly fine:
Genesis I:1-3. Tuesday July 27, 2010
Now Listen.  The Beginning knew no dark,
No light, and so no difference in the two.
No notion of contrasting things, no stark,
No sharply.  Impulse, verbs, to make, to do,
Could not exist.  There was no mind to know them,
The void held none, where absence could not be.
Then somehow a potential formed, to show them
To one potential Word, this only: See.
And then, a flickering.  A just potential
Of particles, where none had been before,
And time would soon begin, in exponential
Increase of things that may.  And this Word: More.
One flickering had sparked Imagination.
And More begat Desire.  And Coalesce.
Potential matter took on gravitation,
And space that would be, started to compress,
Collapsing on itself, to gather force.
Potential metamorphosed into Power,
Collecting in a single point -- the source
Of time itself.  And soon, a day, an hour,
Would come to be.  But first, Desire must peak.
That flick'ring.  Now with all the gathered matter.
Desire, now infinite, began to speak:
Let There Be Light.  And Space began to scatter.
And Time began to be.  Creation sang.
Some fourteen billion years before us.

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