Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A very busy day

While it was delightful to visit the worlds of musical theatre, I came home to find a great many jobs needed to be finished or started.

I finished a new teaser chapter (to lead into the next book) for the novel for the toy manufacturer. Plus a synopsis. This means I am done! There will hopefully only be small corrections. Off it goes...

I finished designing a book for Norman Finkelstein, The Ghost Factory. It is a satisfying read, full of the machines people devise both with hands and heads.

I made much needed updates to Jeanne Marie Beaumont's website. She has a new book coming out, The Burning of the Three Fires, and I highly recommend reading ANYTHING she writes. Seriously, she is one of the most brilliant poets I know.

I billed two jobs.

I looked over the manuscript for my next poetry book and concluded it is not ready for print, it needs a LOT of work and must be stewed accordingly in my brain. So I let my editor know it won't be part of next year's line up...

I listened to a CD Jeffrey Stock gave to me and Jim of his work (musical director for Jim's staged reading) and I smiled, sighed, and tapped my feet and wrote to tell him he is an absolutely wonderful composer, really really good, but that I am an idiot when it comes to opera and could not comment on those pieces. (I keep seeing Bugs Bunny singing, I know, I know, I'm a cretin. Ignorant, that's it, I'm iggggggorant.) One of these days I plan to learn to speak opera.

I've been invited to write something for my favorite magazine.

I need to write explanatory notes (in the back of an anthology) about a poem of mine.

All my other clients had left small notes indicating some attention on my part, for their projects, would be much appreciated. A few applied spurs. I concur. Tomorrow I will finish designing another book for Benu Press.

I ate dinner with my family and enjoyed each of their flavors including the food Jim made. I hugged Natalie for a long good hug. I thought about the lovely long walk and Guggenheim museum trip with Caitlin yesterday and the work of two artists (Julie Mehretu and Sarah Anne Johnson's Tree Planting) I loved who I had never seen before. Then we watched part of The Music Man on an old VCR with drifting attention... And now...I'll...yawn...sleep...

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