Friday, July 2, 2010

Self-promotion for the business-impaired

The life of a poet and sketcher needs funding. Luckily I can do this by designing and mapping, cartooning and writing for hire.

But I am not, perhaps, my own best press agent. My current site is now looking fttttttpt. I need to redesign and update Does having a site that lists all the things I do for pay make the message confused or murky? Many debates exist, wear all your hats proudly vs only one hat! Then I hit on a solution, do both.

I just created a very simple site to promote one of the things I do, cartography. I picked blogger because I am used to it. When I first showed it to my friend Joe Hayes (playwright and webdesigner) he told me "don't be so modest, put a big map right on the home page, shout!" So here it is, let me know what you think: If this gets me work, I will create one for book design and another for illustration. Then I will redo my multi-hat parade.

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