Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why I am the audience and the Director is both

Yesterday at rehearsal I sat and wrote a synopsis of a book I have written about a toy. This is my top secret hush hush but very exciting job I'm doing for a toy manufacturer... the rehearsal became a lovely hum of voices and pianos in two rooms as I was writing.

When I was finished, I put away my notepad and took out my watercolors. I painted and sketched as I listened and watched the actors master the music and expression in their songs as the music director pointed out places to adjust their rhythms.

I was so delighted. Loved the way the two singers acted the lyrics in a song about love of brand merchandise. Perfect, I thought, Jim's words much better sung than read on a flat page.

Then Tony Stimac, the director, came in. He is a tall, energetic silver haired man with sharp blue eyes. He listened. Then he urged the actors to throw themselves into the lust and get breathless with desire for the goods they are coveting. Slow down here, close your eyes, give it more emphasis here, then let it soar orgasmically... think of the scene in When Harry Met Sally... when the performers sang it again, the song was much better. Funnier, stronger, and the meaning crisp. I understood that Jim's words were like a blueprint and held more than I'd realized. This is directing.

Jeffrey Stock, music director and (not painted ) two of the leads Lannyl Stephens (looking on) and Matthew Schatz. Tomorrow I may go to the other rehearsal room and paint the composer at work with the "Hot Hot Girls" and their hip-hop songs.

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