Tuesday, February 3, 2009

16 hour shifts

OK, I don't usually work 16 hours straight, but yesterday was a humdinger. Started work at 8 am and finished by 2 am the next day. Sheesh. Sent in my files, gave myself 10 minutes to unwind, and was surprised at how many people were up and twittering and blogging and facebooking at that hour. People, get some sleep!

Welcome to the freelance life. When work pours in, I'm working hard. When it isn't, I get to read while popping dark chocolate covered marzipan bon-bons into my mouth. Lately I haven't been eating much chocolate. Which means, in this econcomy, I'm lucky.

So what do I think of the job switch from art director to she-who-wears-all-hats now? It is almost a half year. I am still much happier. But some points to consider in the freelance life.

1. despite the lure of wearing jammies all day, it is not such a good idea. Makes answering the door to UPS or the plumber at 4 pm awkward.
2. very important to get out every single day. Housebound body is housebound mind. Really, just a walk to the library and back sends precious oxygen and ideas into my brain.
3. must set aside time to R&D--my master plan to get more creative and write and draw won't happen if I spend every single hour designing websites and books.
4. am going to buy a crock pot. I can start doing this passive cooking thing. Set it up in the morning, activate timer, make food. Got any good recipes?
5. must stop listening to CNN all the time. Need some music, some happy on the airwaves. NPR? Gypsy bands? Just less about tanking economy and gloom to match the February skies.
6. see friends more.


Megan Kurashige said...

Hullo... I've been meaning to say hello rather than just reading creepily from the corner, but... Anyway. Hello! I think I found your blog from Neil Gaiman's? (not sure)I really enjoy your posts. And the thoughts about creativity. Very nice. So hello and thanks!

Claudia Carlson said...

Hi Megan, I'm enjoying your writing too. I sometimes think about Clarion as well... maybe next year, only one daughter in college then...

As for your other writing, fantasy, sci-fi? What are you reading?

Keep up the great blog and thanks as well. So nice to know you are reading. These are like journal entries that are launched into space in little electronic bottles.

Megan Kurashige said...

Do think of Clarion! It was an entirely incredible experience.

I tend to write fantastical stories... no wizards and such as of yet, but maybe someday. I'm reading Margo Lanagan's Tender Morsels, William Goldman's Which Lie Did I Tell?, and Cabell's Jurgen. All of them are surprising, tasty, and nourishing.

Are you writing fiction as well?

Claudia Carlson said...

Yes, I'm writing a novel. YA. I love fairy tales so I'm doing a spin on that.

What are you working on? How did Clarion help with your creative approach?