Thursday, February 26, 2009

All those layoffs everywhere

Yeah, the bad news just keeps on rolling. Where are all the unemployed baby boomers going to go? Some huge tent city Woodstock for the creaky hippies? Can you see them starting communes in abandoned office parks? Will they sell old apple iPods from carts? Will they achieve flower power by moving off the grid and recycling, as in living under the underpass and snacking on dumpster scrapple?

When I recently went to a networking event for media types, so many of them were skilled, smart, well spoken and unemployed. And, not just the boomers. Gen X, Gen Y, and whatever else you wanna call them. Smart people with no paycheck.

Newspapers folding, restaurants closing, bookstores shrinking, and the luxury shopping emporiums fading into the gilded age of three months ago. At least my dog doesn't know what is going on. Open or closed, hired or fired, what does a hound care when the curbs and fire hydrants smell just as, uh, sweet.

I wonder how many edible garden veggies I can grow in my window?

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