Monday, February 16, 2009

Looking for inspiration (and software mastery) in coffee grounds

If people can read a swish of damp tea leaves, I can read the grounds I pour out of my French coffee press. They are especially clear against the brushed metallic rim of my drain. Lemme they clearly spelled out: "splat!"

I attempted to learn new and valuable skills in my dreamweaver and illustrator programs. Splat.

I HAD THE MOST FRUSTRATING DAY! I'd try some of the new fancy things in Illustrator and crash the program. Splat. I'd try some of the things that are supposed to make websites function better and was buried in an avalanche of menus and check boxes and jargon. Splat-splat.

I drew some more on my sample illustration I plan to submit to iStockPhoto... it looks like the splat my cat hurls from her front end. Splatity-splat-splat. I could not make any of the advanced stuff happen for me! Argh. Knowing what looks professional and being able to do it are, apparently, not possible on a splat day.

I was finally reduced to watching free how to use Adobe Illustrator podcasts on my laptop at Starbucks. To cheer myself up I went back to some beginning lessons and nodded enthusiastically along with the demonstrator--because this part I already knew--while I chewed gum and wore my very uncool big headphones. People cleared out around me. And my Starbucks is very very crowded. My big splatness was a force field of keep away, she's CRRRRAZY. The coffee grounds had better have a good prognosis tomorrow or I switch to instant. Please, send me a cup of instant learning or a new brain. All forms of delivery accepted.


Kristian said...

I may have to steal “Splat Day“ as the title of my unauthorized autobiography.

Claudia Carlson said...

Kristian, it may be a whole movement we can tap into, think of the tee shirts, the musical, the drink mix.