Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bed risers demystified

Who know there were so many ways to lift a bed off the floor? The new trundle bed I got is just a bit too short to fit the thick comfortable Sealy mattresses I bought for my daughters. No flimsy thin mattresses would do, not when they had become nearly adult sized in middle school. And then, adult sized, they scampered off to college and I Had To Do Something with the remains of the bunk bed.

"Buy bed risers," a house savvy person told me.

There are adjustable ones, mahogany ones, ones that clip to the bed frame, ones that can grip a wheeled foot, and even ones that look like robot legs so you can scare yourself at night wondering what menacing sci-fi movie extra is lurking under the blankets.

Don't for a second think that I have now become a house beautiful person. No, I proudly maintain my too many books and clutter motif. But I do now know about bed risers. And it doesn't involve true levitation, which I was kinda hoping for, it is platform boots for bed legs.

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