Sunday, February 15, 2009

The businessy part of freelancing

Here it is, the awful truth, the business of running a business involves job skills that are just learning to crawl.

For instance, clients that tell me the check is "in process" and months go by...
The impossibility of charging friends or family the full rate...
Backing up and organizing finished jobs and discovering all external hard drives are full (new one on the way).
Creating a system for organizing raw materials: type faces, design ideas, color palates, inspirations, my photos (as in stock for myself)...
Finding good imaginations to bounce ideas off of because I am only of one mind.
Updating my website, business card, and samples.
Finding new clients.
Managing clients.
Watering and fertilizing my imagination with museum trips, lectures, chocolate truffles, and studio visits.
Oh, yeah, putting into effect a health and fitness program for my single employee (which at the moment involves eating my way through a large bowl of clementines and apples and a planned walk with the dog).
Asking my steering committee which direction I want to take the business, as in where do I get the most jollies and how do I get more of that?
Research (the easy part, internet a black rabbit hole of time).

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