Wednesday, February 18, 2009

That Facebook 25 Things About Me conundrum

I've got nothing against the zeitgeist. I too hunger for an iPhone I can play like an ocarina and am using Twitter for no better reason than it was there and kinda cool to be an early joiner.

But sometimes I have a grumpy anti-popularity reaction. For instance, in Facebook, people are sending around lists of 25 random facts about themselves and asking the recipient to write their own and send it on to a bunch of folks asking them to do their own and send it on and on and on. Which has the ring of a chain letter, except in this case, a chain self-revelation.

I am mostly enjoying the 25 things people send me, sad, funny, amazing, and touching facts that acquaintances want to share. But after getting "tagged" too often to count, I am going to say it once, read 25 random blog entries if you want 25 random blathers about me.

If they insist, I will come up with a concise and speedy 25 Things in two flavors:
Reduced: 2.5 Things About Me (at 10% of original list, a huge time saver)
Shavings: 25 Words I Like (which also functions as a list poem)


Joseph Hayes said...

Didn't they pass around that list in high school? That's what bothers me about face/twit/space blogbook ... reduces everything to homeroom. Remember when you would cross the street rather than run into the incredibly needy kid who would tell you every single thing he did all day yesterday? Now he's a blog star. When will someone invent an online version of that folded paper fortune teller thing? Actually ... not a bad idea ...

Claudia Carlson said...

Yes, but I need you to stack the fortunes in that paper thing, I need lots of upbeat prognostications. You know, "get a haircut today, will impress tall dark stranger tomorrow who is looking for webdesigner" or "send that poem about freelancing in a recession to Top Venues, they want yours"
Now we need someone to build it in Flash...